Opinion: How Wizkid Became the Uncrowned Don of Sketchy Slangs

Billboard Music Award for Top Streaming Song, MTV Africa Music Award for Artiste of the Year, BET Award for Best International Act, MTV Europe Music Award for Best International Act, NEA Awards, City People Award for Entertainer of the Year and many more, just name it, Wizkid has earned himself all these awards.

However, what he is yet to be celebrated for is his creativity in carving long-lasting but hazy and undetailed slangs in his music which funny enough stays with music industry thereafter.

He has a perfect style of conjoining words partly of regular Yoruba lingual identity and a blend of unfathomable street language. It takes a close attention to the full lyrics of his songs to decipher what those words mean in context.


Oya Funke, Pakurumo, pakurumo ko jo dada (It is time for Funke to move closer and dance well, move closer and dance well, dance very well)
Halimo, Pakurumo, pakurumo ko jo dada (Halimo, move closer and dance well, move closer and dance well, dance very well)
Tolani, Pakurumo, pakurumo ko jo dada (Tolani, move closer and dance well, move closer and dance well, dance very well)
Folake, Pakurumo, oya pakurumo ko jo dada (Folake, move closer and dance well, move closer and dance well, dance very well)

Pakurumo’ is a dancehall vibe by Wizkid off his ‘Superstar’ album. When it was released in 2011, many actually wonder what ‘Pakurumo’ semantically indicate.

A Yoruba language word, pakurumo is a three syllable word – Pa Kuuru Mo.

It lexically means to exert energy towards an action. A relative example is when a cock charges towards a hen seeking copulation. Yorubas will say ‘o pa kuuru mo’ which means it charges energetically toward it’. Wizkid was able to slot the word into his song prompting the girls to dance it all energetically.

Wizkid in Pakurumo Video
Wizkid in Pakurumo Video


2017-released Manya with the video generating controversy as it was pulled down on Wizkid’s YouTube channel after it has garnered about 1.5Million views within a week. This was reportedly due to Wizkid’s contract agreement with Sony Music which limited the extent of local content he could push.

The song swapped into more controversy as it was claimed to be a rework of Ghanaian group VIP song – Ahomka Womu which was earlier released in 2005.

Perhaps more intriguing is the actual meaning of the title ‘Manya’.

Eventually, it was found out that ‘Manya’ is a slang originating in Eastern Nigeria that meant alcohol. But it became a popular slang all over the country and in a large part of West Africa. This was all thanks to Wizkid’s song.

Interchangeably, it is also used to express getting drunk or very inebriated as a result of a large amount of alcohol consumption. Colloquially it also means ‘shayo.’


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Anyone living in the United Kingdom or familiar with the UK security system and listened to Soco will be confused.

Wizkid’s Starboy Entertainment song ‘Soco’ featuring Terri, Spotless and Ceeza Milli has a faraway meaning from what the song is about in the UK.

SOCO is an acronym therein for Scenes of Crime Officer. It is the UK law enforcement evidence gatherer.


Oya Soco Soco

Soco Soco Soco

Soco Soco Baby Oh

Soco Soco Soco Soco So

Oya Gbefun Lokpo

Lokpo Lokpo Lokpo

Oya Gbefun Baby Oh

Soco Soco Soco


While the meaning of Wizkid’s Soco remains a mystery. So much as to prompt fans to tweet at him to reveal the meaning, a close look at the lyrics could give you a clue. And the clue might not be far from the actual meaning.

These are just some of the sketchy slangs that Wizkid has turned into casual rhymes for the regular Nigerian music lover.

Even as some of the slangs do not have a direct connection with most past of these songs, they sure influence their acceptability. Wizkid understands this and applies that magic pretty well.

Pls can we have someone crown Wizkid the Don of sketchy slangs?

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