Music Review: The Visual Misfit of Davido, Peruzzi Duncan Mighty’s Aza

Duncan Mighty came hitting the waves again, all thanks to Wizkid’s collaborative influence with him. After the release of Fake Love, the Port Harcourt first son has become the magical voice which all artistes wants to have sing a hook or take the next verse of their song.

While so many people argue that it will be right for Duncan Mighty to take a break from the collaborations as he has more than fifteen of such after Fake Love was released in May. What is starting to become pretty much debatable now is if he isn’t exploring beyond his creative expanse yet.

After generating so much buzz especially when he decided to betray old age and give the respect to Davido for deciding to shoot the video of their collaboration alongside DMW’s next rated – Peruzzi, one actually expected a breath-taking creative piece of musical art.

Having a music video director like Clarence Peters is also expected to be a plus as he is believed to know his onions well in musical storytelling.

Davido - Duncan Mighty - Peruzzi
Davido – Duncan Mighty – Peruzzi



However, the video of ‘Aza’, did not tell its story. One, perhaps because the story is usual. Yes, the lyrics of ‘Aza’ isn’t different in semantics and context from that of ‘If’, ‘Flora my Flawa’ and even ‘Assurance’. There was monotony of message of in the songs. Regularly, if they had decided to create a visual in tandem with the theme of the song, then we would be having the usual scenery of girls gallivanting around in almost nudes with nothing to strike a spectacular awe.


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Assurance – Davido

You’re the one I want oh

Before my liver start to fail

You’re the one I need oh

Before cassava start to hail

And if I ever leave oh

Make water carry me dey go

Far away, far away



If – Davido

If I tell you say I love you o

My money my body na your own o baby

Thirty billion for the account o

Versace and Gucci for your body o baby


Aza – Davido x Duncan Mighty x Peruzzi

What is it girl wey you want wey Davido no fit do?

What is it girl wey you need wey OBO no fit do?

(ODO) All the girls gat eyes on me (gat eyes on me)

But I gat my eyes on you (I gat my eyes on you o)

Iiii I go buy you diamond ring, e wayi carry love pemesi


So they primarily decided to bask on the empathic regional euphoria that Duncan Mighty has created for the world about Port Harcourt. The video was just a reflection of the Port Harcourt lifestyle; the waters, the oil and the underdevelopment that persist at the lowest ebb of the Port Harcourt society.


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AZA – The Production

The video production, the attires and props, the scenery were dope. The activeness and action delivery is unmatched especially as Duncan Mighty opens the scene with the Port Harcourt influenced pirate guerrilla advancement but the concept entirely was a misfit for the theme of Aza. No relativity and synchronism. The song was so distant from the Port Harcourt culture and lifestyle that the video portrayed.

There were indications of waterways and crude oil. There was a wrestling contest, there was a dance performance by the locals, the preparation of the popular Port Harcourt White Soup (Ofe Nsala). As a matter of fact, Davido was supposedly honoured with a chieftancy title; these are pointers of the Port Harcourt lifestyle, culture and realism but there was no artistic integration of the message of the song into the video.

Davido - Duncan Mighty - Peruzzi
Davido – Duncan Mighty – Peruzzi

A practical attempt to further understand the misfit Clarence Peters has directed in the Aza video is to mute the video and play it to someone who hasn’t listened or hear about the song before. Then play the song separately to the person. 99% cannot be able to connect the relative dots of the song to the video.

Even if the idea was to sell banking on the regional bias of Port Harcourt, what happened to bringing in their video vixens from Lagos down to Port Harcourt and have them immersed in the cultural display of the tribal. What happened to weaving the story round such vixen as the daughter of a Port Harcourt high ranking chiefs and the artistes as the suitors. At least Aza means ‘Reply’ in Duncan’s Ikwerre language. Then, the reply can be to the love advances of the suitors.

Baby you wan see my wire, oya say your AZA, omo say your AZA, baby say your

Baby you wan see my wire, oya say your AZA, omo say your AZA

It is just high time artiste creates visual content beyond the sake of creation. Story telling is a great asset and working around ideas lends more credence to the creative work.

But these will only work out when artistes and creative directors of music videos decides to create phenomenal content as a necessity and not just a luxury that must just be out there.

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