Music Review: Promise and Fail – After Living Things, 9ice Shoots at the Polity Again

At a time when the state of Nigerian music is deteriorating and suffering from a gradual loss of value and message, Alexander Abolore Akande 9ice remains a force to reckon with in dishing music of substance.

Perhaps after being widely criticized for the message of his song Living Things, the Gongo Aso crooner felt the need to speak to Nigeria albeit in a subtle context now.

Living Things was criticized for supposedly promoting internet fraud and hailing individuals with questionable source of income. The singer has come out repeatedly to debunk such message. And a perfect way to reinstate his apathy towards social ills is captured in the new single ‘Promise and Fail’.



‘Promise and Fail’, produced by 9ice’s long-time friend and producer was a deliberate throw of covert shades at the President Muhammadu Buhari – led Change government.

Here is the highlight of the song which spanks the Nigerian government pretty hard for supposed inadequacies in the current dispensation.


This is not the change that I voted for

This is not a game like a PS4

This is not the country that Madiba vouch for


Of course, the mantra of President Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign before the 2015 general elections was change. That comes with the promise of a better living, adequate security of lives and properties and an improved economy aided by ‘Buying the Naira to save the Naira’, fight against corruption among others.

Also, the late South African leader, Nelson Mandela was a strong supporter of the Nigerian state believing in the competence of her leaders and resolve of her people. 9ice however described the present state of the Nation as a sharp contrast of what it used to be when a diplomat like Mandela vouched for the country and not the change that Nigerians were promised during the electioneering campaigns of 2015.


Tunji iwo n’o gbowo fun (Tunji, you were given the money)

Owo Eko iwo n’o gbe fun (The Lagos Money was given to you)

Kunle iwo Lo n Pin’wo (Kunle, you are the one sharing the money)

Iwo Lo n Pin’wo Lagbole (You are the one sharing money in the neighbourhood)


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This part of the first verse of the song is not immediately attachable in context. However it seems to portray a scene of electioneering gift of cash and the argument that follows amongst grassroots hoodlums employed by politicians during the elections.


Jegudu jera Ole (Crooks, Thiefs)

Ejo to gbe owo mi, Awon jegudu jera ole (Snake that swallowed money, bunch of crooks, thieves)

Obo to gbe owo mi, Jegudu jera ole (Monkey that swallowed money, bunch of crooks, thieves)


9ice inputs the national comics of a Snake swallowing N36 Million at the JAMB office and subsequently a Monkey doing the same to N70 Million belonging to the Northern Senators.

However, this part of the song also suffered a relapse as the two cases could not be directly linked to the President Muhammadu Buhari led government of change.

Gbogbo owo tan tin gba nibo lon kosi

Odabi oputa panel ni ijosi

Same people different uniforms

Dem be Soldier Go Soldier Come


The song raised the conjoint question of how the Federal Government spends the recovered loots from its anti-corruption crusade so far which is a hit point. It also made reference to the Human Rights Violations Investigations Commission popularly referred to Oputa Panel.

The panel formed in June 14, 1999 by ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo was meant to assess the extent of human rights violation in the country between January 15, 1966 and May 28, 1999.

9ice seemly linked the cases of insolvent corruption allegations to the recommendations of the Oputa Panel which was never actualized.


Politicians stealing money everywhere

Make it simple make it unattractive

Se bon la won fe sin wa ni

Gomina ese ni 20k

Senator ese ni 30k

President ese ni 50k

Kawa we ni ti o para won


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The apogee point of the song was 9ice recommending that the government structure be made simple and unattractive. Such that a governor earns as meagre as 20k, a serving Senator 30k and the President 50k and let’s see if elections will still be accompanied by violence and persecution.


9ice made an incredible message delivery on the wonderful beat produced by Olumide Ogunade ID Cabasa. After Falz’s This is Nigeria, Promise and Fails is a nice attempt to paint the state of the nation and preach to the conscience of Nigeria leaders.


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It basically passed for a communicative musicality piece while hoping that it ministers to all concerned.


Check out the full Lyrics of the song.

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