Music Review: Kana – Olamide’s Lyrically Disjointed and Visually Interpreted Song (1)

When Olamide posted a picture of Wizkid earlier in the year on his Instagram page with the caption, ‘Starboy came around to bless some beats for me’, many pre-empted that 2018 will be a year of collaborative hits from the super star duo.

Kana is the first of such hits in 2018. It is the third collaboration between the two artiste so far after 2011’s Omo to Shan and 2015’s Confam Ni. The latter was part of Olamide and Phyno’s collaborative project, 2King.

The video was directed by Sesan Ogunro. And the song itself was produced by one half of production duo, Mut4y and Legendary Beatz.



In what seemed like a slipshod expression of creativity, Kana was packed with disconnected lyrics. This leaves the listener to ramble around, searching for the essence of the song.

If I tell you do like this

Omo sho ma do like this (Babe, will you do like this)

If I tell you do like that

Omo sho ma take am to the left oh (Babe, will you take it to the left)

Wizkid started the intro to the song supposedly asking his babe if she will obey his quixotic instructions. In the following chorus, he took a shade at those who woo ladies without having enough money, tagging them zombies. He also talked about him spending on a lady so much that they will feel extreme fun the way they had never had it before. The other part of his chorus said they’ll enjoy life like Bill Gates which was a lousy and crummy simile anyway.

Ko s’owo l’owo o fe pe sisi

Zombie o, you be zombie

Ifunaya t’oba wa o ma jaiye o, o ma jaiye ye

Ti mo ba gbe sisi lo, mo ma gbe s’aiye o, mo ma gbe s’aiye ye

Jaiye bi ti Bill Gates till the morning o, till the morning, ye


On his part, Olamide’s chorus talked about a lady who wants to enjoy an international banana. Well, all knows that a banana to a Nigerian artiste isn’t just the edible herbaceous berry fruit but something more – manhood. He further stated that being a sharp guy, he understands the lady and quickly took her to a corner obviously for sex.

Now, it would have been perfect if Wizkid took Olamide’s chorus after his intro. Both part of the song talked about sex. It would have in part created a wholesome sub-theme for his fragment of the song leaving us to battle with Olamide’s part.

The idea of two major choruses with different theme dragged more confusion into the song. In any case, none of the two choruses flowed with the single verse in the song.

T’alo je ke wole sinu gate is it my mummy o, my mummy (Who allowed you in, is it my Mummy? My Mummy)

You say you love me aunty Kate omo na story o, na story

Paper ko la n na, omo na money o, na money (We are not spending paper, babe, it’s real currency)

O n la mi bi sugar, o n pe mi my honey o my honey (Licking me like sugar, calling me honey)

Olamide further drew more confusion with some of his totally off line part of the song. Asking the question of who allowed the other person in has no correlation whatsoever with any other line of the song. Love wasn’t an imprint either as Kana was more about amorously getting down. And the line of Olamide emphasizing that they are spending money and not paper could have been left to join Wizkid’s declaration of enjoying life like that of Bill Gates.

Save for the last line of that verse which is sensual as well and tarries along with Olamide’s chorus, the verse is as good as being scraped off the song entirely.


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Kana wanders, that too in an uncoordinated arrangement between having sex with a woman to extravagant spending on ladies to a guy being financially loaded before wooing a lady to a boast of spending hard cash absolutely leaving the listeners behind to connect the disjointed lines.

One would wonder if the 3minutes 21 seconds song was simply borne out of the mere urge to create a collaborative sound. And if the question of what the song is about ever came up between the two artistes.

Meanwhile, the beat was an awesome bang while the video of the song is just another thing to talk about entirely – you just check it here.

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