Music Review: Damn Delilah Video – Harnessing the Elements of Art Music

Damn Delilah – In his book, ‘Music as an Art’, English Philosopher and Writer, Sir Roger Scruton discussed Art Music. He analysed that Art music is a classical, cultivated and canonic music. The type that involves advanced structural and theoretical considerations or follows a written musical tradition. It harnesses the power of storytelling and complements same with visual artistry.

With this forming the basis for analytical music, it is apt to say that not so many Nigerian artistes have justified this basic artistic postulate. That in part raises the question of if they are actually aware of this.

However, Adekunle Gold is one Nigerian act that blends the almost all the elements of art music. Appealing to a heterogeneous audience unanimously where they are numerous alternatives isn’t bread and butter anyway. Yet, Adekunle Gold has been able to manage that within his creative space. Yes, he’s consistently on the radar for being monotonous. While there are room for improvements in the execution of his songs; what he lacks in creating diverse sounds, he puts up for it in artistic excellence.

The video of Damn Delilah which was released less than a week ago was needless to say the work of a creative genius. The song is one off Gold’s sophomore album – #About30 and speaks of a cheating spouse.

The album itself is a classic Adekunle Gold’s expression of growth, substance and good vibes; cohesive, distinct and maturely progressive.

Adekunle-Gold-About30-Damn Delilah

Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some elements of the creative wand that contributed to the awesomeness of Damn Delilah.


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Adekunle Gold’s Storytelling Prowess

No doubt, Adekunle Gold is one of the best storytellers in the industry at the moment. He has uncovered the theatrics and embellishment in recreating imaginative sometimes non-fictional stories. He takes his listeners on a journey of virtuality, vividly unveiling the scene lyrics after lyrics. Damn Delilah did not fall short of this.

The Unexpected Feature

When Adekunle Gold released #About30 album, no one could have possibly guess that there will be more featured artiste other than DYO, Flavour, Seun Kuti and Lagos Community Gospel Choir. Alternatively, considering the theme of the album which follows Gold’s usual love rendition, perhaps his fellow soul singer – Simi would have been favourably guessed to be the supplementary feature.

However, featuring the delectable Seyi Shay with the suspense that accompanied it was a tactic that worked. Adekunle Gold had said his preference for independent women informed that decision. And it wasn’t a wrong shot. Seyi Shay rendered the ‘clapback’ to Damn Delilah with her serenading voice in Delilah’s Tale much to the astonishment of Adekunle Gold’s fan. By extension, this resulted into a share of acceptance between the fans of both singers.


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Clarence Peter’s Black Magic

Clarence seems to be stuck on black. His unquenchable penchant for black colours – though he took a break from that in Davido’s AZA – has made him the go-to director for top artistes in the industry. While the black has failed him a number of times as in the case of Burna Boy’s Ye video, Clarence’s logic worked here. With the picture quality, the theatrics, the cloudiness, the motions and the intensity of actions which got Adekunle Gold and Seyi Shay shedding tears, Clarence Peter totally added realism to the video.


Damn Delilah ClapBack – Delilah’s Tale

This got so many people dumbfounded. Who gave Adekunle Gold the hint to add more awesomeness to his baggage? Damn Delilah video visualizes the story of a cheated lover who lashes out at the unfaithful partner. After intense accusation, the video ended with a scene of Adekunle Gold shedding tears with the inscription – ‘Delilah has her tale to tell’.

The heightened suspense created after the video was doused with the release of ‘Delilah’s Tale’ few hours later. Therein, Seyi Shay playing the role of the accused interpreted the relationship differently from what Adekunle Gold perceived. She explained that ‘she was never looking for love’. Many would later question the idea of Seyi Shay shedding tears towards the end of the video since according to her; ‘In your head, we are a thing, but to me it was a fling’.


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Kaffy’s Choreography

Kafayat Shafau Ameh is obviously not just a dancer and dance instructor but one of the best in the game. Establishing her dance and fitness outfit – Imagneto Dance Company; and having a Guinness World Record for ‘Longest Dance Party’ with a time of 52hours and 3minutes; therefore nobody could evidently have instructed the choreography of Damn Delilah than Kaffy.

Of course, you possibly might never go offshoot when you have these creative geniuses working on a single work. You don’t expect less with these hands in the broth. Yet, what is more appreciable is the art and artistic detailing Adekunle Gold paid into the story which probably led him into creating the visual brilliance with minimalistic approach just like Fame. Adekunle Gold evidently has shown that he isn’t just your regular artiste who jumps on a ‘pon pon’ and ‘shaku shaku’ beat sent by some producer. Neither is he the type that freaks about girls flocking around in videos majestically shaking their backside. The man isn’t just an artiste; he is an artist; an illustrator; he paints images albeit with sound waves and awesome imagery!

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