Music Rant: This One that Chidinma is Begging for Yanga

Hi Ranter Nation! Do you know something is wrong with us – no, I mean with them. No o, iz with all of us altogether. Abeg, why is Kiss Daniel doing my sweetie – Chidinma like this na.

Vado, this is not fair and you know. After I deliberately left Chidinma for you, you are now doing her anyhow anyhow.

And I told you, this is what my baby wants o. This is what she appreciates o and this is what can get her angry o.

Issa pirry that even after the whole tutorial, you still mismanaged her like that. So much that she had to go into the studio and start begging you to show her love. Use her to do yanga. Common, who does that? That was a subtle way of passing the message to you Daniel and we all understand especially me as pe the level wey we and Chidinma dey. But you dinnor even listen.

And iz nor kuku your fault, I told her. Yes, I told her naa. This Kiss Daniel somebody, are you sure you can cope with her? He’s quite secretive. He won’t flaunt you around like me I use to do o. She dinnor heed to my warnings.

And when you did, you were showing her on one bed like that – I hope iz nor what I’m thinking anyway. You now started showing her on your snap, sharing the same tattoo with her.

Eeehn, why Chidinma? Shebi they said Nancy Isime, Cynthia Morgan, Beverly Naya and even Linda Osifo are also perfect for you. Why my Chidinma tori Olohun?

See these things are not even painful but the fact that you are now not showing her off on your social media is what is paining somebody. She now has to start begging you stylishly to show her off.

Daniel, be careful, be careful before I vex because if I do my own, it will pass these entire G-Worldwide thing. Imagine, baby even called me as per spiritual adviser to help you pray over the court thing. And as per loyal Crush I did not hesitate to do that just to make her happy, eehn.

Eeehn, baby yo! Don’t mind that Daniel Anidugbe boy. Meanwhile, me I’m always available to carry you do yanga o. You know me before. Why won’t I show off a fine super-duper pepperoni like you? I’ll let everybody know say na me be your sweetie, your honey, your darling! Absolutely everything!

Anyway, whether here or there, Daniel or me, you’ll sha always be the Ranter’s crush anytime anyday.


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Yours Rantically,

The Ranter

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