Music Rant: What Exactly Did Adesua do to Mayorkun?

Hi Ranter Nation, your ranter is here again and today I am very surprised. Yes, quite surprised because I do not just understand what Mayorkun is doing these days abi it is what he is doing that do not understand me.

Yes, we were all agreeing to the fact that ‘na money be fine Bobo.’ Of course, and if you are still doubting that, see the transformation story of some Nigerian celebs. I hope that kills the stubborn Thomas in you.

Now, it was all sounding pretty fine until Mayorkun hooked the song with the line ‘Adesua, look what you’ve done to me, haa haa haa, hee hee.’ Na there I pause my stereo say wetin dey do this ‘Fine Bobo’. Abi is he not fine? He’s sha in Davido’s 30BG and we’ve all agreed that na money be fine Bobo, isn’t it?

So as I was saying go, I got surprised like what’s doing you Mayorkun? What has Adesua really done to you, eehn, tell me? I continued playing the song and then came, ‘I be falling, falling, falling for love o.’ Na there I know say wahalaa dey. And when Jesus said it is finished, this is exactly what he was saying.

Mayorkun is falling in love for Adesua, really? I think I need to call Aunty Toyin Adewale, it’s been a while she spanked you, abi? I will not blame even blame Aunty sef. If she spanks you and you say you are leaving 30BG like that nko, wetin Aunty wan do.

But I seriously think you need a vicious knock on that self-made Dada head of yours. And if I do that to you eeh, your head will go bald like that of Uncle Banky ni.

And talking of Uncle Banky W, hasn’t he heard the song. Abi he’s keeping calm to see what happens next after you’ve falling for Adesua. Hmm, I’m sha advising you, as a concerned fan – whether na Ox or ordinary handfan, I don’t even know.

You know how long it took Uncle Banky to eventually nail Adesua. And then how much every one of us invested in BAAD2017 including we Insta Guests. Eehn eehn, he won’t take it lightly with you if you are falling for Adesua anyhow anyhow o. And the fact that he hasn’t even said anything about it since is scary.

These silent people are covertly dangerous. You know what GT Bank supposedly did to Sterling Bank in the recent Bank Wars, don’t you? Eehn eehn, so be careful!

Even Davido that is your chairman at DMW understands these things. You see he didn’t join you in singing that line except the ‘haa haa haa, hee hee’ part.

Money can make you become not just ‘fine bobo’ but even ‘play bobo’ sef but when your ‘play bobo’ no con get limit, you gotta be very careful.

And do you think Adesua will be freaked sef? Shioor, wetin elderly person dey use chop ‘akamu’ dey under the leaf na. Have you forgotten when Banky said in ‘Jasi’ that he doesn’t have Maserati and Bugatti o but he can handle omoge? Ehn eeehn, you are too small to do that kind of handle, you understand?

Let your ‘fine bobo’ fall for say dem Simi – ah no o! Egbon Gold go vex o, sha be careful anyway, okay?

No Homo! I love you, Mayorkun and that’s why I’m saying this.

Yours Rantically,

The Ranter.

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