Music Rant: When Amaka ‘Japaa’ from Uncle 2Baba

With many accolades, awards, recognition and ‘ego’ – I mean money o, before una go misinterpret me now – no one would really believe that any girl will resist and eventually disappoint Uncle Innocent – 2Baba, the way Amaka did o.

As a father of many nations, Amaka suppose dey happy say 2Baba is interested in her, so much that Uncle even told Mama about her. Auntie, what else do you want? Better goan ask the remaining side chicks. Uncle never got serious with them to the extent of introducing them to Mama like he wanted to do with you. Why you con dey fuck up eeh? Truly, the one who has head does not have cap o.

Abi you think 2Baba will not take care of you, ask Auntie Annie na. The only thing is just that you’ve gotta be very patient, that’s how Auntie has been surviving.

2Baba con invite Larry Gaaga and all his other rich friends, you are lucky gan o, Olohun, you just fucked up anyhow. And you know what? You have ‘kobalize’ every other chick wey 2Baba wan dey serious with like that.

The question sef is why is Uncle 2Face disturbing himself? Will Auntie Annie not get angry that he is running after these small girls like Amaka now? Abi Auntie actually and officially consented to him getting a side chick.

Ehmm, Baba of many nations, abeg no vex, that’s how all these small girls with big God use to do jare. No mind her. Imagine, she even made you buy diesel, on Gen for this Buhari administration ehn. Shebi na Ipaja she talk say she dey on Insta, some of them will be in Ojuelegba and even tell you Lekki.

Wait, I want to know sef, how long did you wait because you said you waited so tey, you con dey loose weight, like for real? Meanwhile Ipaja is just 1 hour and 2 minutes away from that your Banana Island house by car and about 33 hours if only she is coming by ‘leggedez’.

Ehn, but then Baba, you sef gotta take am easy o. Almost 43, you can leave these small girls to the likes of Peruzzi jare. Let him too enjoy small. And of course, he will definitely take care of her. There is money you know, at least he belongs to 30 BG.

Oya Peru Peru, goan assure Amaka like Davido did to Chioma.

Wait o, what if Amaka actually wanted to confuse 2Baba? What if she’s actually interested in Peruzzi, abi?

Well, wetin una think abeg, because even me eeh, I’m confused at the moment. (Drops mic)

Abeg, use the comment box below, share your thoughts with me. Abi, Amaka don confuse you too…lol! Just kidding.

Yours Rantically,

The Ranter

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