Opinion: Jaywon – Saro Please Come Back and Stay!

If there’s anything Jaywon has done this year, it has to be the fact that he has made deliberate efforts to get back to the top of his game.

I personally think he hasn’t exactly done as much justice to his music career since leaving Kennis Music as he has done this year. Great he now has a record label of his own, Next World Music, where he can now call his own shots.

And apparently, he has been calling the right shots. First noticeable thing he did was to change his look to appear a bit different from the 2009 Kennis Music Jaywon who rocked our screens so much that we almost got tired of seeing him. 2018, baba don go blonde, dia fada! Fine boy!

Yes, December 2012, he released his most performed song, ‘This Year (Odun Yi)’ which was a smart move. He won’t stop feeding us that same music year after year, at every Christmas carols and New Year celebrations.

But really, this year, 2018, we’ve seen an improved Jaywon; a more deliberate Jaywon. He has so far released 4 songs this year only; ‘Ma Sun (Stay Woke)’, ‘Mama’s Prayer’, ‘In Love’ and ‘Saro’.

I particularly love “Ma Sun” for the shakushaku vibe it comes with. It is a beautiful street hop with great sound and interesting features.

But ask me on which one of the 4 songs I think Jaywon has done his best work so far?  Please, it has to Saro! Oh my chisos, I love that song!

Not just the chorus, of course, I know that’s the highlight of almost every song, but let’s talk about the whole length of the song, that was 3:41 minutes of bliss.

Even though izz an emoshunal sturvz. Yeah, in the song, he plays a script of Saro (his supposed babe). Saro after having made so much promise to him left him and followed ‘oyinbo’ just for money and other benefits attached.

Talk about the production of the song, Blaq Jerzee did a complete job on that beat. Talk about lyrics, Jaywon was decent with that. The song had a message that effectively passed across. Then talk about delivery, I’ll give him a 9/10.

Finally, I think Saro is a song that comes with the anticipation of a remix. I personally would like to see a 9ice or 2baba on the remix of that song.

But this one that Amaka has disappointed 2baba, how do we invite him to come and put mouth in Saro’s matter again? Well, we can only hope. And for lovers of rap music, I think Olamide can try too.


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Just my 2 cents!


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