Music Review: Child of the World Video – Falz Reiterates War against 3 Vices in One Voice

After the death of the great music legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, many pre-empt the death of message driven music. Their pre-emption seems wrong several years after Fela’s death. Until, in recent time, when they were proved right after-all with the gradual degeneration of value in Nigerian music.

However, it seems some prodigiously talented artistes are on a mission of rejuvenating the Fela style of music. With their phenomenal composition of lyrics to address socio-governmental ills, the hopes of a message driven music industry in Nigeria isn’t all lost.

Folarin ‘Falz’ Falana is one of such and his is an incredible family. A family where the father strives to retain the memory of legal luminaries cum human right activists like the late Chief Gani Fawehinmi. And the son complements such with music aimed at restoring and awakening social values and social consciousness respectively.



‘Child of the World’ was probably one of the underrated songs in Falz’s third studio album – 27. Falz as usual makes an attempt in the song to correct mischiefs of the society. This time, he was able to address three of such ills – Rape, HIV/AIDS and Suicide.

It was produced by Spax. Spax is a production genius who for God knows what reason has always kept thing private. He is the brain behind Show Dem Camp’s Palm Wine Music:  Vol 1. EP which was one of the standout projects of 2017.


The video which was recently released actually gave more credence and hammered on the essence of the song.

Apple of her mother’s eye, she be trophy daughter
Mommy raised her, daddy never dropped a dollar
Daddy ran away didn’t wanna have a child
Mummy wasn’t ready still remember how she cried


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It tells the story of a girl whose pregnancy ab initio was ‘by mistake’. Notwithstanding, the mother struggled to birth, nurse and raise her after the father absconded.

She just collect law degree for Unilag
First class in the bag make her mummy too dey brag
She went to be an intern for her uncle

The girl went on to study Law and graduated. While awaiting admission into Law School, she however decided to take an internship slot with her ‘supposed’ Uncle.

She later got raped by the Uncle thereby losing her virginity. Thereafter, she decided to venture into prostitution after-all the virginity is gone and cash is needed to keep body and soul together.

Bambam in Child of the World
Bambam in Child of the World


Falz’s storytelling and narrative ability has always stood him out and it didn’t fail him this time either.

It is right to say ‘Child of the World’ isn’t just a song. It is an awareness to tell the world that rape isn’t right come what may. Falz opined that, ‘Rape is a wicked act that should never be condoned. The victim is never at fault.’ On the other hand, it isn’t enough certification to graduate into prostitution as that is even graver.

Contracting HIV/AIDs is just one of such grave restitution of prostitution. However, even it doesn’t spell the end of the world. Many virgins still contract it from every other source asides sex. HIV/AIDs is not a death sentence.

Suicide, the seeming gleaming resort for all devastated soul, Falz reiterated that ‘Suicide is never the answer! Let your situation make you better not bitter.’ And speaking up should be an option to explore.

The cameo-presence of Toyin Abraham and Big Brother Naija’s Oluwabamike ‘Bambam’ Olawunmi added personality flavour to Child of the World. And it was a smart move to particularly have Bambam played the role considering her sexual controversy in the Big Brother house. Perhaps to further redeem her image.

The beat was awesome, Falz was at his lyrical best and the video could not have been better, all thanks to Kemi Adetiba’s directorial prowess.

The video had the display of helplines and support services for rape, sexual abuse, HIV/AIDs and Suicide. This further reiterates the fact that the song is meant for reawakening social consciousness against these vices.


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If only we can have more of this…

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