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Music Rant: As Dem Ban Uncle Falz’s ‘This is Nigeria’

Hi Ranter Nation! See nobody should read this post o. Don’t even bother to comment sef. Because I’m angry gidi gan. Una don hear say dem ban Booda Folarin’s ‘This is Nigeria’? Haa, you know hear am. Dem don ban the song o. Dem National Broadcasting Commission talk say the song no fit for airplay […]


Music Rant: What Exactly Did Adesua do to Mayorkun?

Hi Ranter Nation, your ranter is here again and today I am very surprised. Yes, quite surprised because I do not just understand what Mayorkun is doing these days abi it is what he is doing that do not understand me. Yes, we were all agreeing to the fact that ‘na money be fine Bobo.’ […]


Music Rant: When Amaka ‘Japaa’ from Uncle 2Baba

With many accolades, awards, recognition and ‘ego’ – I mean money o, before una go misinterpret me now – no one would really believe that any girl will resist and eventually disappoint Uncle Innocent – 2Baba, the way Amaka did o. As a father of many nations, Amaka suppose dey happy say 2Baba is interested […]