Album Review: Adekunle Gold x Simi – Two Hearts, One Rhythm

Adekunle Gold’s ‘About 30’ album and Simi ‘Simisola’ album review

Olayemi Azeez Busari

The rumor has been flying around in Nigeria’s entertainment world that the two alternative singers are in a relationship. This is something both have however sternly denied. This review is all about the similarity between these two albums. As we all know that the two artistes are very connected. Little does one have to wonder how these albums have so much in common.

I’m going to be discussing majorly on the similarities of some singles on the albums. These singles are either complimentary or equivalent, if you check the lyrics and think about the concept of those singles.

Adekunle Gold’s ‘About 30’ released on the 5th of May 2018 and Simi’s ‘Simisola’ released on the 8th of September 2017. This seems like same thought from two different people. It was reported that Simi voiced most of the singles in ‘About 30’ though there is no acknowledgement for that. And same goes for Adekunle Gold in Simi’s Simisola.


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Damn Delilah (Adekunle Gold) – Gone for Good (Simi)

Both songs are about a betrayed love. Damn Delilah is reported to be a life experience by Adekunle Gold and it talks about a strayed lover wanting to come back. Gone for good is exactly like Damn Delilah they both carry the same message. It’s all about love gone south.


Surrenda (Adekunle Gold) – Take Me Back (Simi)

These set are about realising the importance of a lover and trying to strengthen the relationship more.  Simi’s Take Me Back featuring Adekunle Gold is all about reconciliation and Surrenda is just like a conclusion of the reconciliation, a compliment.


Somebody (Adekunle Gold) – Original Baby (Simi)

Original baby is about a lover saying to her lover to accept her as she is. That she has flaws and cannot be somebody else. That she got her own personality and that love should cover her flaws which she admitted. And now to ‘Somebody’ which seems like a perfect response to it. It says he is ready to accept her as she is and that he realized that no matter what she is, who she is and nobody can be her, to him she is the best.

Somebody go fine die for my eyes nobody fine pass you

And telling her he doesn’t need “flawless baby”. I won’t be surprised if this two finally get together they have given us enough signals.


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Yoyo (Adekunle Gold ft Flavor) – Hip-Hop Hurray (Simi)

This set is all about party time, it talks about getting time to relax and enjoy yourself after you have laboured.


Down With You (Adekunle Gold ft DYO) – Complete Me (Simi)

I love this duo more, both are about prophesying love. They both talked about loving deeply and staying till the end.


Call On Me (Adekunle Gold) – Joromi (Simi)

These songs are about crushing on someone and the ‘crushee’ is not yielding. Both are a perfect reflection of one another. You can find all the elements of one in the other. It’s like these guys are getting started here.


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Pablo (Adekunle Gold)  – Aimasiko (Simi)

These two songs talk about been persistent on one’s hustle and not trying to cut distance on the path to success. Illegal means to fame is on the rise and these two have tackled it with one voice in different songs.

Recently Simi came in defense of Adekunle Gold after a female fan attacked him that all his song are the same, is she truly defending him or her own works?

Wherever the truth is on the relationship between these two, the dark will fly soon and we shall see, till then enjoy the albums!

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