Adekunle Gold, Tekno, Skales and the Search for the Industry Lover Boy

When Olamide sang ‘I’m sitting on the throne, mi o ba M.I du Chairman, I’m sitting on the throne, mi o ba Reminisce du Alaga’, in ‘Sitting on the Throne’ off his Baddest Guy Ever Liveth album, many said his ambitions as a rapper are not pushing him into conflicts with anyone, I say that he only technically doused the tense discussion of who the king of the rap in the industry was then.

Olamide has great chances of winning then though if there was to be an election for that title. Of course, he’s still very much in the game right now, even after is much criticized Kana featuring Wizkid.

With the industry steadily growing and artistes churning out songs with several theme including self-adulation, material and wealth fantasy, love both platonic and more often than not laced with amorous intent and sometimes conscious ones addressing social ills as Falz did in Child of the World and 9ice did in Promise and Fail.

We at seek to know who should rock the ‘Industry Lover Boy’ title among these three?

Adekunle Gold

It’s been just two years since we got introduced to Adekunle Gold. Thanks to his hit songs, it seems like he’s been around forever. Adekunle Gold pitches his song comfortably along the lines of love, faith, hustle and inner struggles. Each of these elements of his songs scuffles to dominate Adekunle Gold’s musical signature.

His debut album, ‘Gold’ has 16 vibrating hits including the Gold intro which sounded like a masterpiece solo itself. With the exception of ‘My Life’ in arrangement that pitches the sound as the revelation of the intro and ‘Paradise’, ‘Pick Up’ and ‘Work’; the remnant dozen of vibes on the album discussed love and its intrigue with the narrative subtleties of Adekunle Gold. This renders Adekunle Gold’s Gold album as one of the most cohesive album of recent time with love laced over it.

Meanwhile, his second studio album – About 30 affirms the narrative that he is struggling to change his dynamics as contained in ‘Fame’.

Everybody says don’t change

But how will I grow

I’m scared to do the things I want

But people dunno

With ‘Damn Delilah’, ‘Call on Me’ and the rest of its kind, Adekunle Gold remains a force to reckon with in churning out soul-filled love songs and not just the sex-laced love rhymes that litters the street of Nigerian music.

His intense visual which further express the embodiment of love he talks about gives more credence to his songs. Of course it can be said that the back and forth much suggested affair with fellow singer Simi adds realism to Gold’s mystics of love.


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Skales Love


Real name, Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, Skales who hails from Kaduna acclaims himself as ‘Lover Boy’.  He broke out after the Zain Tru Search Talent competition in 2008 and then the Soundcity Blast concert in 2009. He has since then continue to woo many audiences around Nigeria with his unique rap style and charm on stage.

His recent album ‘Lover Boy’ is his third studio album after ‘Man of the Year’ and ‘The Never Say Never’. Skales brought to fore the love he has for his mother on the art cover of his album. At the exclusive listening party of his album which came up a day to the album, the Kaduna born rapper continuously express the love he has enjoyed so far from his fan and his mother.

He was even quoted to have said that the idea of the album was to share love at a time when his fans and the nation needs it most.


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Tekno Love


Tekno’s ‘Rara’ takes a jab at the government and politicians. His ‘Go’ and ‘Dance’ were party vibes. His ‘Mama’ upon which he featured Wizkid was a message to a typical hustler and ‘Yudala’ where he teamed up Iyanya, Baci and Mystro was the usual Afrobeat sound with no specified message.

However, every other of Tekno’s songs and features has always revolved around love.

Don’t leave me, I nor go leave you o girl o

Oh my God o

If you give me love, I give you motha o

Oh my God o

If you want me girl, I want you o

Oh my baby o

What you do, I do to you o

My love Na the koko

If I give it to you girl, u go Jogodo

Give me the conto

Come here, come get this photo


2016 released Pana was a repetitive song of everyone’s romantic playlist where he addressed a particular ‘Folake’. As a matter of fact, the name ‘Folake’ has always reflected in his song leaving one to wonder who the young lady is actually.


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The industry keeps growing around the creative narration of love more often than not amorous than platonic. It sometimes waves around self-adulation which so many artistes actually fail at. In recent times, the gaze has shifted towards sex and material obsession after identifying that sex sells and the race after a ‘la vida loca’ lifestyle is rife. Nevertheless, love consistently reflects on Nigerian songs.

While Adekunle Gold, Skales and Tekno continue to explore the narrative of love in different spheres and express same, the question of who the lover boy of the industry is still persists!

Anyway, in your opinion, who do you think deserves this title? Use the comment box below, let’s talk!

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